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it’s always nice to find a video where you can receive the information about cheapest countries or places.
This is the video of the vlogger Wandergasm. He gives you a few reasons why to visit these countries in 2017:

  1. MEXICO: there are considerably low prices than what you would be used to in other countries, especially if you avoid all the touristic traps (like Cancun!) There are plenty of reasons, why to visit Mexico – beautiful white beaches, night life, very cheap accommodation and delicious food
  2. BALKANS: Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania Montenegro. If you want to travel on your budget, you would avoid Croatia because it is the top destination in 2017 and the prices are pretty higher. There are also lots of reasons why to visit Balkan countries: beautiful beaches, mountains, great food and drinks, nice people, beautiful village, and culture
  3. SOUTH AFRICA: you are probably surprised why this country is on the list: South Africa was more expensive in the past but it got a lot cheaper in 2017 so “it’s a must” to visit. The biggest reason why to visit it: safari!
  4. NICARAGUA: this country is very close to Costa Rica that is a well-known tourist destination. Nicaragua actually offers the same things as Costa Rica, but because of fewer people that actually go there, the country is cheaper and affordable. In low season, you can also spend the night for only 4 US Dollars. Reasons to travel to Nicaragua: cheap accommodation, great food, cheap transport
  5. BOLIVIA: this is the cheapest country of all South America countries. Also plenty of reasons to visit: beautiful wildlife encounters, a country full of history, value for money.


Here is also the video you can watch:



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