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It’s always nice to catch up with travel bloggers who give you plenty of travel tips. I must say I would agree with these two, so I’m going to share these tips with you. So, how to survive long flights?

  1. Rest before you go: make sure you’re well rested before you take off. The best thing to do is, that the night before you fly, adjust your watch to local time at your destination to help your body get adjusted.
  2. Upgrade your seat: a lot of us can’t afford a business class, but a lot of airlines offer premium economy seats, which you can upgrade using cash or frequent flyer miles. You can always go to the gate agent with a smile and ask if there are any extra seats in the emergency row.
  3. Get comfortable: once you’re on board, get everything you need from your backpack and then store your bag in the overhead compartment, not down below. You are going to need the extra leg room. To get extra comfy take your shoes off because the cabin pressure affects your blood circulation.
  4. Dress right: airplanes get really cold and a lot of them don’t give you a blanket. You need to dress warm and wear layers.
  5. Pack good gear: if you plan to sleep, you should pack earplugs, eye shades and a neck pillow – there would be crucial and easy to pack.
  6. Pass the time: most airlines offer free entertainment, you can watch movies or tv shows or you can even play video games or listen to the music. You can also always do a little reading.
  7. Eat and drink right: long flights usually have food included so choose carb-rich foods if possible. They’re high in insulin and will help you adjust to jet lag. Stay hydrated by bringing your own bottle of water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  8. Befriend the flight crew: a little bit of kindness can go a long way. Remember to always say please and thank you.
  9. Move around: flying is not natural. it impedes your circulation, which can lead to deep vein thrombosis. You can avoid this by walking around the airplane or just do the simple exercises for the circulation.
  10. Arrive fresh: wash your face, brush your teeth, maybe even change your shirt

If you’re more video kind of person, you can watch it down below:

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