Hello, Happy people!

I’m proud and very happy my first travel article is published! Yaaay!!!

I’m excited to write more about my travel experience, but for starters, I would like to represent you the magnificent Thailand!

Although very touristic, it is still very pure country! Well organized and calming, safe and relaxing.

I’m a person who likes and needs organization in certain things, so I pre-booked the hotels and domestic flights, so everything would go smooth. Because our vacation was a little bit longer than two weeks, there was no time to be spontaneous every day. That is why I made a plan (especially for Northern Thailand), so we don’t occupy ourselves too much.

If you’re interested (and I really hope you are!), you can check my whole article on the link provided.


You can also watch our video – you can find it in the article or just watch it here 😉

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Take care and enjoy!


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