It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. I receive a call from a friend: “Get ready, I’m picking you up in an hour.”

Of course, I’m always up for a great day, so I got ready and waited for a private pick-up.

Of we go, down the highway. I was sure, we were going to the Coastline, but no, we were heading in the other part of our beautiful country – Dolenjska, a home of Cviček (local Slovenian wine).


Our first stop was Otočec – its castle Otočec is very famous for romantic weddings and beautiful surroundings. This is actually the only castle in Slovenia that is located on the island. Inside the castle, there is also a five-star hotel. All we could afford is to take some photos, we wouldn’t even dare to check out the prices. The park near the castle and beside the river is perfect for a short walk. You can capture some beautiful photos of the scenery and of course – there’s no day trip without a selfie.



We had some good laugh but still, ready for the next location. Where should we go? We were quite hungry, so we stopped in Kostanjevica na Krki – also a beautiful little town that is located on the artificial island on river Krka. Kostanjevica is actually the smallest and the oldest town in this part of Slovenia – Dolenjska. Most of the restaurants and bars are a small family business.

We stopped in this cute little cozy bar for a coffee and some delicious house wine. We made some plans for the rest of the day – of course Google helped us a lot. When we were ready to go, we asked for the receipt and we were beyond shocked. It was so cheap we had to check the receipt if everything was on it. With smile on our face we looked for the nearest restaurant, so we could have something to eat. We stopped in the nearest family pizzeria. We can’t explore with an empty stomach, so this was a good choice. After a couple of hours, we asked for the receipt and here we go again – I almost drop a tear when I saw the final price. We had to check again if everything was on it, because we were 100% sure that the waitress missed something out. We were surprised that everything was in calculated. If I summarize everything: we had one pizza Margherita, one pizza with tuna, one cordon blue with fried potato on aside, one ‘pičiči’ (it’s sliced pizza dove with cheese and 4 sauces), probably 1 bottle of white wine, bottle of mineral water, 4 Coca-colas, some coffee – everything together was 40 Euros. And I probably missed something out.


During our lunch, we checked for the next location. I’ve heard of this ranch called Aladin. It was located in town Mirna, that was few kilometers from Kostanjevica. We didn’t hesitate. Aladin, here we come!

The entrance fee was 4 Euros per person. This is a small ranch where with some animals in it. It’s a perfect location for the families with small children. The ranch is equipped with all kinds of playgrounds.


We were fascinated by the animals – the name of the ranch was probably after a camel they have – Aladin. You could also see lamas, goats, kangaroos, lynx (very endangered species in Slovenia), few ostriches and other cute animals. Of course we made some selfies with our new friends, but lamas… they weren’t so excited as we were.


You can check more about his cute ranch on their website –

Of course, we were thirsty again so we sat back and relaxed and finally ordered some Cviček. I will not even comment how cheap the wine was. Well, the driver didn’t care, because he was drinking water, but my friend Vida and I were beyond excited and surprised.


Every time we decide to seize the day, it ends so quickly, especially when you are really having fun – with animals or without them 🙂

This is my first “Short trip” blog and I promise you, I will keep you posted with some new ones.

Thank you for reading this, thank you for your support.

Be happy!

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