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I just found a video of the Vagabrothers who shared their perspective about top destinations you have to visit in 2017 and the reasons why to visit them:


  1. England, Europe: at the moment, the English pound is cheaper that has ever been, so traveling through the United Kingdom can be at pretty low price
  2. Cuba: this is one of the top destination in the world. Cuba has more and more visitors, especially after Fidel Castro’s death. They advise you to visit this country as soon as possible because it will change rapidly
  3. Columbia: the government just signed the peace treaty, Narcos are gone so the country is safer and more attractive to tourists and locals
  4. Quebec: this is a French-speaking province in Canada and it is a great alternative to Europe. Quebec city actually looks like it’s part of France. It is known for different festivals.
  5. South Korea: balance between super technology advance and tradition
  6. Philipines: inexpensive, plenty of empty beaches, safe enough to visit
  7. Oman: it remains a stable oasis in a really turbulent region. It’s tolerant country with beautiful beaches and most castles in the world
  8. Senegal: the most stable country in West Africa, great music, food, beaches, friendly people
  9. Tasmania: wild and small island off the coast of Australia, Aboriginal culture, great food and at the moment really low Australian dollar
  10. Nicaragua: tourism is not as developed, there are still some beautiful wild places, great surf, tropical weather, friendly people
  11. Japan: colorful culture and spirit animals – monkeys 🙂

Check out the video below:

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